Vitta Braze Pastes

What are Braze Pastes?

Braze pastes are braze alloy powders mixed with a binder and water to form a smooth flow paste which can be applied via a tips, needles or syringes.  Vitta-Braz pastes have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry and are certain to offer superior performance and a smooth flow.

All brazing filler metals used in the braze pastes are high purity, gas-atomised, fully certified brazing alloys.  The binders are speciality grade organic materials chosen and blended for maximum dispersion, suspension thickening and stability.  Water is the only dilutant in standard braze pastes meaning there are no toxic, flammable or ozone depleting substances present to create potential problems in the workplace or environment.  The binders are specially selected to decompose cleanly, well below the brazing / working temperatures leaving no residue.  Vitta-Braz pastes can be used in vacuum furnace applications without any fear of contamination of either the base or filler metals.

Vitta specialise in nickel based brazing powder alloys designed for use in furnace brazing or coating.

Who uses Vitta-Braz Paste?

Vitta braze pastes are used in industries where quality and precision is needed during the brazing process, eg gas and steam turbine engine (aerospace jet / power generation) components and parts; fabrication of medical instruments, implants and equipment.; manufacture of assorted food processing apparatus and equipment and also in the gas and oil exploration sector.
Vitta brazing alloys are used extensively in the aerospace sector and are approved by all the major aerospace engine manufacturers.

Braze Paste

Vitta high purity, gas atomized, fully certified braze pastes are available for both vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace applications.
Vitta-Braz pastes are available in different alloy mesh sizes and in all the standard Vitta powders.  There are  35 different alloy compositions and all mesh sizes in all standard alloy designations, such as those specified by the American Metals Society (AMS), the American Welding Society (AWS), General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Snecma and others. Please see Common powder alloy specifications offered by Vitta.

Application of the paste is easy, since the paste is designed for easy flow through tips and needles of syringes and has superior adhesion quality.  Clean up of excess wet or dry Vitta-Braz paste can be easily accomplished with water.  Braz-Paste can be made thinner (less viscous) simply by mixing in small amounts of water.

Why Vitta?

Vitta’s Braze Alloys are renowned across the industry for their quality and consistency.  Vitta only use the finest components to create our high quality pastes. All products are supplied with a certificate of conformity and chemical analysis.

Standard packaging for braze pastes includes the 3.5oz straight tip syringe, 8ox cartridge and 5lb bulk container.  Different syringe / cartridge sizes and tip containers (eg EFD syringes, Luer-Lok tip syringes, 20oz cartridges) are available upon request including metric packaging.

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