Braz-Stop (stop offs)

Vitta 1AL and 1YT Braz-Stop materials are parting compounds designed to prevent molten filler metal from touching and brazing base metal parts, and to keep holes and cut / milled areas free from molten metals. In addition, these Stop-Offs are also useful in keeping stacks of parts from sticking together during heat-treating, protecting threads from scaling, and for keeping parts from bonding to their furnace fixtures.

1AL Braz-Stop is recommended for general brazing applications and is available as a transfer tape, paste and water based paint.

1YT Braz-Stop is a rare earth composition for use on titanium and reactive base alloys, and is available as a paste, paint, or transfer tape.

All Vitta Braz-Stops clean up easily after brazing with simple brushing, air jetting or washing with water. No grinding or blasting of finished parts is required to remove these Stop-Offs.