Other Brazing Products, Materials and Aids

Braz-Cement: Vitta A-10 Braz-Cement is a water based moderate viscosity liquid binder cement designed for general purpose brazing applications. This colorless product contains no solvents other than water and combines the dual properties of binder and dilutant. It may be added directly to powdered brazing materials. AVA-Braze Cement is a low viscocity water based cement.

Brazing Preforms: Vitta brazing preforms are made from brazing tape or foil and are made to customer specified dimensions. Preforms are easy to handle and offer considerable advantages where controlled thickness of brazing joint and uniform coverage are required. The flexible properties of preforms allow for usage on both flat and rounded surfaces.

Braze Tape Application Machines: These machines are designed to press brazing transfer tapes into honeycomb rings and honeycomb segments. The Model 105 is a floor standing unit with electric motor drive and honeycomb heater, and is suitable for high production usage. The Model 54 is designed for bench-top mounting and features a hand crank drive. Both models utilize internally mounted air cylinders for raising and lowering pressure rollers. Various options for feed table design, roller configuration and gap adjustment devices are also available. Vitta can also design and build custom machinery for your tape application requirement. Please contact us for details.