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Cross-Reference Information

Vitta-Braz Technical Data Sheets

Chromium free.  Ideal for poorer atmospheres. Download 104.8 KB
Low melting point filler suitable for thin-walled structures Download 104.3 KB
Ideal for crack and low temperature braze joint repairs Download 103.9 KB
Silicon-free filler metal suitable for diffusion brazing applications Download 103.2 KB
Similar to Vitta-Braz 1007, this filler metal has higher corrosion resistance and strength. Download 102.3 KB
Corrosion and oxidation resistant filler metal ideal for wide gap joints where a heavier filler is desired Download 103.1 KB
Modified 1782 ideal for wide-gap applications and thin-walled assemblies Download 104.6 KB
Modified Vitta-Braz 1782, suitable for thin walled structures Download 103.7 KB
For joining corrosion and heat resistant structures in highly stressed structures Download 103.7 KB
Similar to Vitta-Braz 1775 but with less carbon, ideal for wide-gap application Download 102.4 KB
Suited for joining non-ferrous alloys and thin sections such as honeycomb components or heat exchangers Download 103.7 KB
This filler wets well so is suited for deep recesses or tight clearances Download 102.9 KB
This alloy has low diffusion and a broad melting range making it suitable for wide gap applications Download 104.9 KB
Boron-free alloy with low base metal erosion Download 105.7 KB
Good for brazing superalloys and cobalt-based alloys.  Has low base metal penetration. Download 104.2 KB
Colbalt enhanced.  Good for tight tolerances and thin sections. Download 103.3 KB
Vitta-Braz A-10 Cement Data Sheet
Medium-viscosity general purpose braze binder cement Download 129.9 KB
Vitta-Braz A-VA Cement Data Sheet
Low-viscosity braze binder cement Download 110 KB
Braz-Binder Gel - water-based binder gel for furnace brazing Download 108.1 KB
Vitta-Braz NiCrBSi 1000 + 8% Nickel Data Sheet
Vitta-Braz modified 1777 powder with 8% added Nickel to improve wide-gap applications Download 102.2 KB
Vitta-Braz Pastes Data Sheet
Vitta-Braze Pastes - specifically developed for the aerospace industry.  Superior performance and smooth flow. Download 104.9 KB
Vitta-Braz Ropes Data Sheet
Continuous braze material eliminate inconsistencies in critical braze applications Download 110.6 KB
1AL and 1YT Braz-Stop paint, paste, tape and pre-forms Download 120.5 KB
Power operated tape applicator for use with honeycombs Download 810.2 KB
Hand cranked tape applicator for use with honeycombs Download 600.7 KB
Vitta High-Temperature Brazing Alloy Transfer Tapes Download 110.6 KB

Vitta-Braz Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Please contact us for copies of all MSDS.