What are Brazing Powders?

What are Brazing Powders?Brazing powders are used as filler metals for brazing depending on the intended use or application method. In general, braze powder alloys are made up of 3 or more metals to form an alloy with the desired properties. The filler metal for a particular application is chosen based on its ability to: wet the base metals, withstand the service conditions required, and melt at a lower temperature than the base metals or at a very specific temperature.

Vitta specialise in nickel based brazing powder alloys  designed for use in furnace brazing or coating.

Vacuum furnace brazing offers significant advantages: extremely clean, superior, flux-free braze joints of high integrity and strength with minimal operator input.

Temperature uniformity is maintained on the work piece when heating in a vacuum, greatly reducing residual stresses due to slow heating and cooling cycles. This can significantly improve the thermal and mechanical properties of the material.

Who uses Vitta Brazing Powders?

Vitta brazing powders are used in industries where quality and precision isWho uses Brazing Powders? needed during the brazing process, eg gas and steam turbine engine (aerospace jet / power generation) components and parts; fabrication of medical instruments, implants and equipment.; manufacture of assorted food processing apparatus and equipment and also in the gas and oil exploration sector.

Vitta brazing powder alloys are used extensively in the aerospace sector and are approved by all the major aerospace engine manufacturers.

Brazing Powders

Vitta high purity, gas atomized, fully certified high temperature brazing Vitta Brazing Powdersfiller metal powders are available for both vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace applications.

Vitta powders are available in over 35 different alloy compositions and all mesh sizes in all standard alloy designations, such as those specified by the American Metals Society (AMS), the American Welding Society (AWS), General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Snecma and others. Powders are also available for diffusion braze repair processes.

Standard Packaging for powders are 5, 10 or 50 lb. containers, with other container sizes available upon request including all metric sizes. (Common powder alloy specifications offered by Vitta).

Because Vitta own and manage the manufacturing process we can create bespoke packaging and labelling.

Why Vitta?

Vitta’s Brazing Powders are renowned across the industry for their quality and consistency.  All products are supplied with a certificate of conformity and chemical analysis.  Powders can be made to your own specification including bimodal distribution or particularly narrow distribution.

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