What are Braze Tapes?

High Temperature Brazing Tapes manufactured by Vitta provide for a very precise, yet exceedingly easy method for applying controlled amounts of brazing filler metals or coating alloys.

Vitta-Braz tapes are composed of a high density layer containing the brazing alloy and binders attached to a plastic carrier. They provide considerable advantages in the brazing process by creating savings in the application process, allow reliable and consistent joints in hard to reach areas and provide an exceptionally reliable method for honeycomb brazing. Typical applications include:

  • Honeycombe structures – formerly the brazing materials were “salted” into the honeycomb with variable results. Braz-Tapes allow seals to be prepared with excellent consistency.
  • Castings – can be made pressure tight by sealing their surface using Braz-Tape
  • Repairs – can be accomplished on engine nozzles and holes plugged in thin sheetmetal parts by using Braz-Tape for high temperature applications.
  • Worn Parts and Thin Sections – can be built up in selected areas without worrying about edge effect and the thickness of built up areas can be closely controlled
  • Feltmetal Seals – Braz-Tape can be used as an alternative to gold-nickel foil considerably reducing the cost and at the same time eliminating wicking of the braze alloy.
  • Corrugated Sheets – using Braz-Tape carefully controls the amount of braze alloy in the assembly which prevents squeezing out of the base alloy.

Who Uses Vitta-Braz Tapes?

Vitta brazing tapes are used in industries where quality and precision is needed during the brazing process, eg gas and steam turbine engine (aerospace jet / power generation) components and parts; fabrication of medical instruments, implants and equipment.; manufacture of assorted food processing apparatus and equipment and also in the gas and oil exploration sector.

Vitta brazing tapes are used extensively in the aerospace sector and are approved by all the major aerospace engine manufacturers

Vitta Braz-Tapes

Vitta brazing tapes contain less than 9% binder and are specifically

designed for controlled atmosphere furnace brazing. Using only organic binder it means that during firing all the binder decomposes and a measured uniform layer of braze alloy is left on the surface of the material to be joined or coated. Use of Vitta-Braz tapes allow an operator to pre-place a measured amount of brazing alloy into the braze joint on a consistent basis. Use of high quality materials ensures clean and consistent joints.

Vitta brazing tapes allow precise control of brazing alloy quantity and can be used in areas where overflow of excess material is objectionable. Brazing tape thickness and density is closely contolled with minimum or no fixturing.

Tapes are produced to applicable specifications from all brazing alloy powders manufactured by Vitta. (Common powder alloy specifications offered by Vitta). Vitta manufactures brazing tape thicknesses from 0.05mm to 1.6mm, and widths from 5.1mm to 600mm. Precut brazing preforms are available upon request.

Why Vitta?

Vitta are pioneers in brazing tape technology. Combined with the fact that Vitta’s Brazing Powders are renowned across the industry for their quality and consistency you are guaranteed first class performance.  All products are supplied with a certificate of conformity and chemical analysis. Powders can be made to your own specification including bimodal distribution or particularly narrow distribution.

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