Glass Transfer Tapes

Vitta is the world’s leading manufacturer of sealing glass transfer tapes.  Our glass and ceramic sealing technology is used in the optical, electronic and ceramic industries for sealing a wide variety of components.

Glass Transfer Tapes are designed for coating or bonding a desired surface with a glass layer of a precisely known thickness and density. Glass transfer tapes consist of a highly flexible glass frit layer attached to a plastic carrier film.

Some of the many applications for these tapes are; glass to glass or glass to metal seals, package sealing, protective coatings, assembly of optical cells, lasers, lamps, transducers, microwave components, vacuum devices, scientific glassware, and other optical and electronic systems. Glass Transfer Tapes not only replace liquid suspension techniques, direct fusing, and epoxies but also open the way for many new applications which might not be possible because of limitations with the old techniques.

Vitta Corporation pioneered the use of Glass Transfer Tapes more than 35 years ago. Over the years, Vitta has developed a series of Standard Glass Transfer Tapes designed to satisfy a wide range of applications. In addition to the standard tapes shown in the table below, we can also manufacture custom tapes from any glass frit available in the market today. All of our standard and custom tapes are available as preforms. By having the glass tape made to the exact size and shape needed, preforms can help speed up the production process and reduce waste.

Vitta has the experience and expertise to help you select the glass frit that is best suited for your application. Please contact us for further information.

Standard Glass Transfer Tapes

Type Applications Working
Temp oC
G-1001 V Glazing & sealing ceramics, ferrites, glass and certain metals 500-600 84 1 & 3.5 Yes
G-1002 V Glazing & sealing ceramics, especially Alumina and Beryliia 800-850 70 3.5 Yes
G-1003 V Glazing & sealing ceramics, yielding a very smooth surface 1200-1250 70 3 to 6 Yes
G-1004 V Glazing & sealing 1000-1150 46 4.5 Yes
G-1005 V Glazing & sealing, fires green in colour 580-620 45-55 4.5 Yes
G-1009 D Sealing ceramics and certain metals, fires black in colour 400-440 90 5 No
G-1010 D Sealing ceramics and certain metals, fires gray in colour 400-440 96 5 No
G-1011 D Sealing ceramics, glass, and low expansion metals, fires gray 400-440 70-90 5 No
G-1012 D Sealing & glazing ceramics, glass, low expansion metals, fires black 400-440 82 5 No
G-1013 D Glazing & sealing metals, ceramics & natural quartz, fires gray 400-440 95 5 No
G-1014 D Glazing & sealing Beryllia & Allumina-Kovar packages, fires black 400-440 75 5 No
G-1015 V Sealing Quartz-to-Quartz 900 32 1 Yes
G-1017 D Sealing Pyrex-to-Pyrex 490-540 40-50 2 and 4 Yes
G-1018 V Glazing & sealing metals and ferrites 460 104 1 No
G-15557 V Sealing soda lime (window) glass, suitable for liquid crystal display 450 89 4 to 6 No
G-2571 V Low temp. sealing and glazing in given thermal expansion range 410 70-75 5 No
GPR-10 V Silicon wafer glazing 552-600 65 1 Yes

V – Vitreous | D – Devritrifying